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What should I do for Filming /Videotaping/ Photo Shoot requests?

For most countries, please reach out to your Sales Director or Country Manager for guidance and approval. Bear in mind that our employees, brand/centre name(s) and visuals identifying us should not be present in any of the generated content. For any people to be captured by the content (videos or images), the company creating it must have a formal permission of these people for that and the requestor has to commit and adhere to these rules. Whenever these activities involve temporarily restricting a certain part of the centre’s common areas for a limited period of time, customers should be informed in advance.

US Only process:

Regus allows filming or Photography in our Centre’s provided the customer signs an indemnity agreement. We NEVER sign the requester’s form. Instructions can be found in the NAM Field Legal Guide for process. There is also talking points for speaking with the requester.

Execute the Filming Indemnity Letter which can be found in the Legal Letter Library.

NAM Field Legal Guide-


Legal Letter Library-


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