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How do I get help with hardware issues for my Canon printer?

For software issues, you should log an IT ticket in the same way as any other IWG device or system.

However, for hardware issues:

  • As a first step, please re-start your printer to see if this resolves the issue/error
  • If the problem continues, please contact your local Canon Account Manager:
Country Key Account Manager Email Address 
Austria Susanne Urban Susanne.Urban@canon.at  
Belgium Stephane Wilmus S.Wilmus@canon.be 
Czech Republic Jolana Cupkova Jolana.Cupkova@canon.cz 
Denmark Troels Thomsen  troels.thomsen@canon.dk 
Finland Ilpo Verno ilpo.verno@canon.fi 
France Brice Jeanson brice_jeanson@cf.canon.fr 
France Yoni Amoyel yoni_amoyel@cf.canon.fr 
Germany Alexandra Krug Alexandra.krug@canon.de 
Greece Dimitris Frantzis D.Frantzis@Intersys.gr 
Hungary Tolnay Aliz aliz.tolnay@canon.hu 
Rep of Ireland Philip Quinlan Philip.quinlan@canon.ie 
Italy Marco Schilliro marco.schilliro@canon.it 
Luxembourg Estelle Kondratuk E.Kondratuk@canon.lu 
Netherlands Erik Westerink Erik.Westerink@canon.nl 
Norway Gunnar Falkenberg gunnar.falkenberg@canon.no 
Poland Michal Kozlowski michal.kozlowski@canon.pl 
Portugal Monica de Carvalho monica.de.carvalho@canon.pt 
Russia Mikhail Shpilrud mikhail.shpilrud@canon.ru 
Sweden David Johansson  david.johansson@canon.se 
Switzerland Pierre Saint-Joanis  pierre.saint-joanis@canon.ch 
UK Rob Bishop robert_bishop@cuk.canon.co.uk 
Central and North Africa  Ameur Allag Ameur.Allag@canon-cna.com 
Eastern Europe  Hristiyan Stoyanov hristiyan.stoyanov@canon.bg 
CEA Ismet Ozdemir Ismet.Ozdemir@canon.com.tr 
Middle East Nadine Makkar nadine.makkar@canon-me.com 
Americas (Not USA) Sanette Voges sanette.voges@canon.co.za 
APAC  - CSPL_GSD@canon.com.sg 
Asia Pacific Katy Cheung Katy_Cheung@chk.canon.com.hk 
Asia Pacific Vincet Chan Vincent_Chan@canon.com.sg 
Asia Pacific Florence Chan florence_chan@chk.canon.com.hk 
USA  - CUSA_GSD@cusa.canon.com 
USA  - crestrepo@cusa.canon.com 
A Canon Engineer may be required to visit your centre to fix the error at the printer (e.g. if spare parts are required, etc)

How do I know if it is a hardware issue or software issue?

  • Often you will receive an error code – you can identify Hardware error codes (as opposed to a software error code), because they will always be in the format: EXXXXXX-XXXX (X is Numbers).
  • If the message does not include an error code – it may ask you to contact your ‘service representative’.

In both cases, you should contact your local Canon Account Manager, as shown above.

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