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How do I install the printer driver for HP cloud printing?

Please note, there are separate instructions for customers to install the printer driver, via the user guide found here. The following steps show Community teams how to install the driver on their centre device(s).

NOTE: The HP printer driver can only be installed on Windows 10 devices.

1.  Open Company Portal (go to the search bar on your desktop and type “Company Portal” to find the app).

2.  In the Apps tab, click on “HP PrintWhere Print Driver” to open it.​

If you can’t find the printer driver in the Company Portal as shown above, CLICK HERE for troubleshooting tips​​.

3.  Select “Install”.

4. Once installed, open ‘PrintWhere Printer Manager’ (use the search bar on your desktop):

You may be prompted to log in, ALWAYS use the ‘Login with a staff account‘ button and use your normal Windows details.

5. A new window will appear. Click ‘Search’ in the top right corner, and select the HP cloud printer that appears. Then click ‘OK’:

6. When the ‘Destination ready’ message appears, click ‘Select’:

7. Once installed, you will be able to choose “PrintWhere 6.2” as your printer in applications such as MS Office.

If these steps didn’t work, please log an IT ticket.

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