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How do I order business cards or prints from PAL?

For assets that need to be personalised for your centre, you will need to go to the Briefing tab and edit using the fields provided. Please note that the editable field options are based on our marketing and branding standards, and so requests outside of these designs will be rejected. Use the ‘Dynamic Templates’ for briefing Business Cards (see below) and ordering prints and supplies from PAL. Once you have the right template, you can liaise with a local printing company (your CMTL should be able to advise) and follow the purchase process applicable for your country (normally involving raising a PO request with the Cost Control team first).

For assets that are fixed, such as Business Continuity flyers, you can simply go to the Library tab, search and download a PDF directly from PAL. These can then be printed in centre if needed.

If you require any further support, please email palhelp@itg.co.uk


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