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How do I raise a credit on TeamHub?

  • In the Company section, click on the Company banner at the top of the screen
  • Use the search bar to find your customer (note – in case you do not know the exact name of the company, you can search by account number by changing the filter next to the search bar. If you are unable to find your customer, please log an IT ticket)
  • Click the relevant customer contact
  • Go toPrevious invoices’
  • Select the relevant invoice (you can use the search bar to search for the relevant invoice number, but you must ensure that you are viewing the centre that the invoice is associated with)
  • Select the item to be credited
  • Select the credit icon, as shown below:

For services that centre teams have authority to automatically credit, you will be taken to a screen to provide the details of the credit request. In this case, complete all fields and submit, then the credit will be applied.

Please note – it is generally out of policy to discount or waive services. Therefore, for other invoice items you will be directed to submit the request to the Account Helpdesk if you can justify the credit, via the customer’s online account > Help section.

How do I contact Account Helpdesk?

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