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How do I request a floor plan update?

If you have had changes to the physical layout of your centre, or require a floor plan proposal for a customer interested in construction on an office, you should email your request to sales.planupdates@regus.com following the four steps below.

However, if your centre is a NCO that hasn’t yet been built, please email your request to your appropriate regional mailbox:

Asia Pacific                     APAC.floorplans@regus.com
Europe                           EUROPE.floorplans@regus.com
Franchise                         GFU.floorplans@regus.com
Latin America                  LATAM.floorplans@regus.com
Middle East & Africa       MEA.floorplans@regus.com
North America                NAM.floorplans@regus.com
UK & Ireland                    UK.floorplans@regus.com

STEP ONE – For all mailboxes, you must use the below the subject line format:

Country – City – Centre No. – Centre Name – Brand – Type of Request*
Example:  Switzerland – Geneva – 1234 – Rue du Rhone 14 – Regus – plan update

*’Type of request’ can be NIA (Net Internal Area) Calculation, NCO Layout, QA (Quality Audit), Sales & Marketing Plans, Plug & Play, Expansion, Cellurisation & Refurbishment, Client Sales Proposal, Plan Update, RFI (Request for Information)

STEP TWO – Your email should include the following information about the changes that need to be made to your floor plan:

  • Attach a marked up floor plan highlighting the area that needs to be changed (scanned in colour, PDF format)
  • Itemise the changes needed on the floor plan (eg. remove/add walls or doors, new room names, new room density, new desk size if different from 1200x600mm, preferred desk layouts, etc.)
  • For handwritten notes, please avoid cursive writing and print in capitals.

STEP THREE – Attach your Sales / Ops Director approval to your email.

PLEASE NOTE: If you require your amended floor plan to be uploaded to InfoHub, please raise an IT ticket (Request for Entire Centre > Applications)

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