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How do I set up a new supplier? (not applicable to the US, Canada or the UK)

When there is a valid reason to create a new supplier, you will need to reach out by email to the Accounts Payable (AP) team in charge of supplier invoices for your country (normally reachable at ApInvoices.XX@iwgplc.com, where XX is your country code – if in doubt, please check with your Team Lead) and provide the documents mentioned below. Important: absolutely no orders or contracts are allowed until the supplier has been created, any exceptions must be approved by the Cost Control team first.

Before you start, make sure you have a valid case for setting up a new supplier as preference is always given to the existing ones (an example can be a substantially lower price).

The compulsory documents for your submission are:
1) new supplier set-up form / detail change form – make sure to include the supplier’s valid email address & telephone number (form is attached in Article Attachments below)
2) company registration form – a copy of the supplier’s official registration document, such as an extract from the court or commercial register, including the company’s legal details and registration number
3) answers to the 6 compulsory questions (see this list in Article Attachments below)
4) full bank details of the supplier either as an official letter from the supplier on their company letterhead or an official bank certificate/statement issued by their bank – it cannot be an email.

Once the full pack above is received, the AP team will verify the details, engaging the supplier if needed, and then submit for final approval to the Cost Control department. If approved, the Vendor Maintenance team will complete the setup. And as soon as the last step is complete, the centre will be able to request e.g. Purchase Orders if applicable as you will be able to select them from the list of suppliers in that process.

Note: the process above is not applicable to franchise countries/centres as they have their own routines and processes for this.

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