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How should I handle mail that arrives for customers with restricted services (EMEA and UK only)?

In line with the latest process updates you should return all standard mail/packages to sender. For any registered mail (that needs to be signed for), forward to the Primary contact as this is likely to be a legal notice. This should ideally be sent by post to a direct address. If you do not have an alternative address on file, you should email the Primary contact to advise there is mail to be collected or forwarded, or otherwise an alternative address should be provided. This process is described in detail on IWG Academy pages for Office and VO customers.

For your refrences, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this (for EMEA and the UK only).

How do we know which letters should still be forwarded to the customer as an exception?
You should forward
• official notices from government authorities, courts, etc. (you should be able to distinguish them as they would commonly have official symbolics on the envelopes),
• notices from our own debt collection agencies (our collection partners are listed here on IWG Academy),
• letters delivered by registered post/bailiff that we sign for.
The above does NOT cover letters delivered by couriers (e.g. UPS, DHL, local alternatives) – you should not accept these for restricted customers.

How long do we need to keep forwarding the letters above?
We need to do this as long as the customer is handled by collections. Only once the process is over should we stop (normally takes around 4-5 months).

Which address should we forward the letters to?
You should have an alternative address on file for all customers. For customers with mail forwarding you can use the address where we would normally forward the post. If no such address available, for VO customers you can use the address the customer provided during their most recent KYC check (proof of address would have been required and should be visible for you among the documents section in TeamHub) or an emergency address that we would require from all office customers.
If you have none of the above, please reach out to the known details of the customer (e.g. email) and if no response please raise an Ops Support request to seek guidance (specifying which customer this is about and attaching a photo of the envelope in question, so that the team could see what kind of letter it is).

How shall we forward the letters?
Letters covered by this exception should be forwarded using registered mail, not courier. There is no need to recharge the customer, as this will be the centre’s cost. If you have no possibility to send by registered post, please raise an Ops Support request to seek guidance.

Reference : Review the Business Playbook > Lock out & Evictions for Office and Virtual Office

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