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My customer didn’t receive their NPS survey – what can I do?

We have an accurate automated process for sending NPS surveys (i.e., customer satisfaction survey) to all customers, so it’s highly unlikely that a survey is genuinely not sent to a customer.

However, you can check the below points to understand why your particular customer may not be able to find their survey:

1. NPS surveys are sent from your centre email address. Is your customer’s mailbox set up to receive these emails from you? Please have them check their Spam/Junk folder.

2. The surveys are sent to the Primary/Bcc contact, as set up in their online account.

Note: Changing these contact types after the survey is sent does not resend their current survey invitation. If you realise your customer’s email was incorrect after the survey was sent, never mind… they’ll have to wait for the next survey round.

3. Surveys will no longer be sent if a customer clicked on the “unsubscribe” or “opt-out” link in a previous survey invitation or reminder emails. Once they have opted out, they are not able to opt back in.

4. Move-in NPS surveys are sent 5 working days after move-in. Start counting the day after the start date, ignore weekend days, and the survey is expected on the fifth day. For example, a Wednesday move-in would expect their survey on the following Wednesday. The surveys are also sent in the afternoon (GMT) of the fifth day, so please wait until the following day before reporting any issue. 

5. Relationship NPS surveys are sent every six months from the original start date, this refers to the very first agreement they had in your centre. Start counting in the month the customer moved in. For example, a customer who moved in January would expect relationship surveys in June and December each year. Please refer to the table in the ‘Customer satisfaction survey reference guide’ on the IWG Academy.

Note: Moves/Expansions/Renewals do not change the dates the survey is sent, or generate a new move-in survey (as long as there is no gap between agreements).

6. Short Stay surveys are only sent a customer once 90 days maximum, instead of for every short-stay visit.

If you need help with the points above, please work through them with your CM Team Lead for further support.

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