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How do I search for marketing resources on PAL?

Always try using a generic search, such as only a single word for the Asset Title, and use as many search filters as you can to narrow down your results.

For assets that just needed to be downloaded and printed (for example, payment queries help sheet) you can search for this via the Library tab, search and select the download icon below the asset.

For assets that need to be edited and tailored to your centre (for example, business cards) you should go to the Briefing tab, search and click the ‘tag’ icon under the asset to edit. Once you have added to your basket and received the email with your brief, you should send this to PALhelp@itg.co.uk with a Stock Order Form to be printed. Alternatively, you can send the brief to your local preferred supplier to be printed.

If you still need assistance or for general queries, you can reach out to PALhelp@itg.co.uk.

Visit the PAL site at https://pal.itgcanopy.com/

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