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What is an Experience Room?

The aim of Experience Rooms is to create the ideal place for Community and Sales teams to showcase the different solutions that IWG offers, to meet every customer need. This enhances the tour experience, helping to grow sales and to increase occupancy globally.

Experience Rooms are not set up in every centre – the rooms are assigned to a limited number of centres and clusters around the world. If you are unsure whether your centre should have an Experience Room, please contact your line manager.

There are two variations for the set up of these rooms:​

  • Centres with a single ‘Experience Room’: the best show office is used, e.g. executive suite, and set up with 4x sales boards as per the standards here.​
  • ‘Experience Centres’: two dedicated Experience Rooms are set up with ‘Design your own Office’ furniture, as per the policy and standards here.​

Inventory Policy
The Experience Room should only be sold as a last resort. If it is, then you should set up a new Experience Room immediately to replace it.

Reference: Centre standards guide on IWG Academy

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