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What is the process to dispose of old/broken equipment or furniture?

During the life cycle of our centres there may be situations which require us to dispose of old / broken equipment or furniture. For equipment it is always done in coordination with IWG IT (as they may advise you to dispose of a piece of equipment), while for furniture this would normally be decided by your Sales Director / Country Manager (in coordination with the Design Your Office programme where applicable). Whenever possible we always thrive to limit our environmental impact, so we would always aim to reuse the equipment or furniture in another location. If that is not possible, you may be instructed to dispose of it.

If you are instructed to dispose, the first step should be to see if we can donate the items and only if that is not an option should we consider disposal. Many countries have some form of regulations about the waste disposal process, and we should adhere to these as much as we possibly can. There may be local organizations set up to collect some types of disposable items free of charge, while the owners/management companies of some of our buildings may have a process and/or partner for this. If in doubt, you should always check with the Team Lead of your cluster first.

Last, but not least, whenever disposing of assets you should email the dedicated team at the GSC at GSC.FixedAssets@regus.com as well AnnaMarie.Garcia@iwgplc.com and Marennel.Santok@iwgplc.com with the details of the items you are disposing. The same process as with the centre closure will apply with the only difference being that you will need to provide this team with the effective date the assets will be disposed or transferred, for example you would mention something like this: ‘to be disposed at the net book value (NBV) as of December 2021’. The asset team will provide the latest asset listings, disposal and transfer forms for you to identify the specific asset codes, fill out forms and send them back to the GSC for the remaining formal steps. They will also support you with guidance if needed.

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